Inova HealthNET

Each of these Internet-based programs assigns you a Care Manager Professional to help you throughout your involvement. Go to Inova HealthSource to learn more about each program and to register. You’ll earn five WellAware points for each program you complete.

Each of these programs lasts 12 weeks and must be completed before Oct. 31, 2014. To allow yourself enough time to complete the program, it’s recommended that you sign up no later than Aug. 1, 2014. After completion, you just need to fill out and turn in the Points Submission Form. You can complete each program once during 2014.

Personal Food & Fit Coach

The Personal Food & Fit Coach program is the newest Inova HealthNET program. Participants will be in the driver's seat to learn to make healthier nutrition and fitness choices. As a member, you will be able to “Choose Your Own Journey” to a healthier life. There is no prerequisite for participation.

Inova BabyNET

This program provides support for and resources about pregnancy, breastfeeding and other child care related topics.

Inova BackNET

A Personal Back Coach will help you identify and change habits that can cause or worsen back problems in the form of chronic or acute pain. The program covers body mechanics, core muscle strengthening, ergonomics and stress management.

Inova TobaccoNET

Your Personal Quit Coach is a highly skilled health professional, specially trained to provide individualized behavior-change support. He or she helps you develop real and achievable goals, and provides quick, thorough answers to your questions. The program also provides 24/7 access to online information and education through our confidential and secure website.

Inova WeightNET

A Personal Weight Coach will help you incorporate healthy choices into daily life. This is not a diet program; it is a long-term comprehensive program that is tailored to meet individual needs with the guidance and support of skilled professionals.