Inova HealthSource

Inova’s community health program offers a wide variety of health and fitness classes, community programs and personal coaching, all at a 75 percent discount to Inova employees. Go to to see which classes you want to take. You’ll improve your health and earn points for your WellAware incentive.

For each of these HealthSource activities, you only need to complete the Points Submission Form and submit it to HealthSource before Oct. 31, 2014. No other supporting documentation is necessary.

  • Fitness Classes — Inova HealthSource offers a variety of fitness classes, such as Body Toning, Cardio Kickboxing and Zumba! Each class lasts 8–12 weeks and must be completed by Oct. 31, 2014, to earn credit. Earn two WellAware points for each class.

  • Childbirth Education Classes — Inova offers several different classes to help expectant mothers. You can attend and earn points for childbirth preparation, maternity tours, baby care, breastfeeding and new moms groups. You’ll earn one WellAware point for each program you complete before Oct. 31, 2014.